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ET Logo We recommend that users connect to our ET server using ET Legacy. It is a modern version of the game built using the GPL source released by the publisher and offers a much better experience. Many of the problems of the original client are not present in this version.

People who use the original game may experience FPS problems and sound stuttering, especially when outside on maps like Railgun. If you do wish to use the original game and experience such issues you can fix it by entering the following commands in the console:

  /seta r_primitives 2

Download ET Legacy from here:
  ET Legacy Download

Download the official client from here:
  Official Game Client

Download ET Ultimate Installer from here:
  ET Ultimate Installer

We host the official release and Ultimate Installer here:
  Locally Hosted Installer Downloads

  Wolfenstein Enemy Territory 2.60 Full
(direct link)

We host the official patches for the client from here:
  Locally Hosted Patch Downloads

  Wolfenstein Enemy Territory 2.60b Security Patch
(direct link)


  Generate An ETKey
This goes in the 'etmain' folder of your WolfET installation.
ETLegacy users can find 'etmain' in:

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